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Community Commitment

I'm Here Homecare is committed to our community and this page is a summary of the different ways that we are getting involved.  If there is a community event or collaboration that you think we should be involved in, please let us know about it.

How we're handling COVID- 19

We are stunned and saddened by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic across the Niagara region.  We are witnessing the strain on our health care community first hand.  I'm Here Homecare is taking responsible actions to do our part in ending this pandemic. 


We are committed to following the direction of Ontario and Canada experts. Staff have been trained on the proper use of personal protective equipment, donning and doffing, and the utilization of sanitizing protocols.  We have open communication with our staff, so that we have a clear understanding of their risk exposure.  We're encouraging all of our staff to proactively get tested on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We understand that Public Health is short on resources which is delaying the timeframe for contacting individuals who've tested positive for COVID-19.  This is why we're working with each of our caregivers to ensure that they register online to obtain their results without delay.  We are strictly following all public health guidelines on self-isolation and are committed to supporting any staff through their time of need. We have limited cross over between teams and have implemented pre-shift COVID-19 screening to catch potential symptoms early.  These results are logged electronically and monitored daily.  

We're also asking all of our clients to follow Public Health guidelines by limiting visitors and unnecessary trips into the community where exposure could occur.  While it might be a frightening time, we are all in this together and we get through it if we all do our part.  I'm Here Homecare is happy to support clients who have a need for mental and social support both in person or even via web conferencing tools.  You are not in this alone - I'm HERE.

Niagara Alzheimer's Society

In 2019 I'm Here Homecare participated in our first event with the Niagara Alzheimer's Society... and we can't get enough!  The Walk for Alzheimer's event fostered such a wonderful sense of community that Flo committed to participating a number of other Alzheimer Society events.  First up, is the Social with a Purpose event.  I'm Here Homecare cannot be more excited to support our community.  If you are looking to see more information about this event, go check out this link: Social with a Purpose.

The Soup Kitchen - Niagara

In the winter of 2018, Flo and her family made up over 100 personal care kits.  These kits contained: a bottle of water, protein, snacks, oatmeal, granola bar, comb, shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, face cloth, envelopes with paper, pencil, socks, hot hands, and a first aid kit.  They dropped the kits off for distribution at the Soup Kitchen in Niagara and the HUB.

Interval House - Hamilton

Supporting the women's and children's facilities in our communities is close to the heart of I'm Here Homecare's core company values. In 2019, we donated much needed school supplies for the start of the year and made sure that all kids had gifts for the holiday.

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