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Do you belong H.E.R.E?

I'm Here Homecare is a new in-home health care provider in the Niagara and Hamilton, Ontario regions.

I'm Here Homecare prides itself on having integrity. Our employees are Honest and do what they say they will do. They take ownership to do what is right for the client. Our employees are Energetic and excited to show up for work. (Which is really less work, and more of a calling.)  Our Caregivers know that they make a positive difference with each and every interaction. We interact with people at some of the most vulnerable moments in life. It is a powerful Responsibility and our Caregivers honor that. They respect the client, each other, and the company and policies. Finally, our Caregivers are Engaged in what they do. They creatively adapt to the needs of the client holistically by using a variety of modalities and methods.


So, we'll ask again, do you belong HERE, with I'm Here Homecare? 

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