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Online/Virtual Learning - Now what?

Homecare for children?

Schools in Niagara switched to online/virtual learning platforms when COVID-19 created lock downs in March, so you might be optimistic that you are more prepared. You've set up an at home learning area, added more structure, and you may have even adjusted your own work from home schedule to help monitor the kids' "school" time. Maybe you enlisted the help of grandparents and older siblings.

The truth is, this type of learning environment is unconventional at best. No one can be 100% prepared, and it is exhausting. You will probably go strong for the first couple months, but your life plan most likely wasn't expecting to be parent, teacher, tutor, entertainer, friend, cook, cleaner, AND employee! So, when deadlines are piling up at work, kids are losing focus, and your internal stress-o-meter starts to rise, take a moment. Realize that it's okay to feel overwhelmed. Also, realize that the feeling of being overwhelmed doesn't have to stay.

I'm Here Homecare is uniquely positioned to provide respite for caretakers as well as customized plans to help make the daily chaos of life less stressful, and more enjoyable for everyone. I'm Here Homecare has caregivers with degrees and/or certifications in Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education, Autism, and Child Development. We have staff with years of daycare and youth programs experience. Some examples of how I'm Here Homecare can support you are:

Keeping children focused on their online studies

Assisting them in their learning activities

Creating supplementary content to expand on learning principals

Making snacks and providing healthy nutrition

Incorporating physical activity to keep bodies healthy and engaged

And more

Together we can build a plan that ensures you and your family have a strong support network as we navigate these unprecedented times. We will assist you in your goal to keep your family safe, healthy and as worry-free as possible. The best part is that our services are flexible and affordable, offering discounts for volume and regularity as well as in depth consultations at no charge to evaluate your needs.

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Jun 17, 2021


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